5 Reasons to Love Invisalign

5 Reasons to Love Invisalign

Have you always hated the way that your teeth look when you smile? Maybe they’re crooked or maybe some of them stick out a little? Lots of people wear metal braces that attract attention and make them feel awkward in social situations.

The good news is that there are new options due to advances in dental technology. Here at University Oaks Dental, we’re happy to help people improve their smiles through InvisalignⓇ technology.

What’s in a smile?

Most of us are familiar with the old style metal braces. They do the job of moving teeth, but they don’t look great. Lots of us wore those traditional braces as teenagers, but times are changing. In fact, there are now a growing number of young adults and people in their 20s and 30s who are looking to improve their smiles.

In United States between 1994 and 2010, the number of adults having braces fitted jumped by 58%. Besides keeping dentists busy, this increase drove the development of new technologies, such as Invisalign.

The truth is that our teeth are important to us. We flash them when we smile, when we laugh, and even when we flirt. When we’re unhappy with the way our teeth look, we feel self-conscious and awkward in social situations. For some people, this can lead to embarrassment, avoidance behavior, and even anxiety.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of custom-fitted, clear aligners that you switch out every week or so, per the dentist's instructions.

At your initial appointment, first we take 3D digital images of your teeth, and they’re used to create your unique aligners. You can even see a preview of what your finished, straightened smile will look like. Then over time, each aligner is changed to a slightly different one that reflects the new position of the teeth. Once the process of switching aligners is complete, all of your teeth have been moved into their new and final positions.

The aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours each day to get the best results. We offer the option to use Propel orthodontics, which can speed up the process even more.

So why do people love Invisalign aligners? Here are 5 reasons:

1. They’re more comfortable

One of the biggest reasons to opt for Invisalign is because the plastic aligners are a lot more comfortable than the old metal braces. Since each plastic aligner is custom fitted for the wearer, the sensation is snug and quite natural.

2. The aligners are easy to keep clean

One of the big differences between Invisalign aligners and conventional metal braces is that the aligners can be removed easily. This means that the plastic can be given a good clean and the teeth can be cleaned as normal. If you remember the unsavory feeling of having bits of food trapped in the brackets and wires of the old metal braces, the removability of Invisalign is a definite plus!

3. They’re almost invisible

Have you ever seen a teenager become really awkward when they had to smile and show a row of metal brackets on their teeth? With Invisalign, this is no longer a concern because they are practically invisible to onlookers! This means no more awkward social moments and no more decreased self-esteem.

4. You can eat what you like

Having to wear old school metal braces means also having to watch what you eat and drink. Since you can easily remove the Invisalign aligner, you can eat and drink whatever you want! Do you want a really sticky confection? No need to worry about it ripping out the old metal brackets when you can simply take out the Invisalign plastic aligners instead!

5. They’re stain free

One of the biggest problems when old metal braces are removed is that they can leave unsightly stains on the surface of teeth. This is because the adhesive holding the brackets onto the teeth ends up being a different color than the surrounding enamel. There’s no such problem with Invisalign.

If you’re not happy with the way your teeth look, maybe it’s time to check out Invisalign for teeth straightening that helps you smile again. Make an appointment with us at University Oaks Dental in Houston so we can sit down to discuss your needs


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