Why Choose a Family Dentist

Why Choose a Family Dentist

Your family dentist is the provider that you choose to trust to provide dental care for every person in your family. This is typically your first line of defense against dental problems. Here are the benefits of choosing a family dentist:

Better Availability

Unlike some dentists, a family dentist routinely sees patients of all ages and is comfortable treating both children and adults in a caring fashion. This means that they are more likely to accept last-minute appointments or emergency dental needs such as a broken tooth or a knocked-out permanent tooth. This availability is also good if you have multiple children that need to have their teeth checked at the same time—such as before school starts. A family dentist may also have more flexible office hours so that they can offer evening appointments or even weekend hours so that you can get your family's dental care completed in one convenient location!

Comfortable Environment

Going to the dentist's office can be a scary experience for some people. At a family dentist's office, patients can feel more comfortable knowing that they won't be sitting in a room full of strangers. Everyone in the office will be part of the same family, so you won't feel like you're being judged by your appearance or behavior. The office is set up for your child's comfort as well. The waiting room is filled with kid-friendly books, toys, and entertainment to keep your child calm and entertained until they see the dentist.

Developing healthy oral hygiene habits starts at a young age, so the dentists at your family dental practice will strive to expose your children to a positive experience with regular dental checkups from a young age. This will help them build healthy habits and understand the importance of keeping their teeth healthy for their whole lives.

A family dentist can also help you prevent problems with your oral health with services that include orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Investing in these preventative measures now can help you avoid costly dental procedures in the future. These procedures are usually covered by dental insurance plans, making them an affordable option for many patients.

Longer Appointments

At a family dentist's office, you'll likely find that your appointments are scheduled for longer periods of time, allowing you to get the treatment you need without having to go in for multiple sessions for the same issue.

If your child is looking to get braces, for example, you're likely to schedule them for an appointment over the course of a few weeks so that their orthodontist can make adjustments as needed. By visiting a dentist who specializes in family care, you can ensure that your child receives the most personalized care possible and that they receive the treatment they need when they need it. This can help save your family time and money that you would otherwise spend taking multiple trips to the dentist.

You may also find that your dentist offers same-day appointments or emergency visits if you have an issue that cannot wait until the next regular appointment. These types of amenities are especially beneficial for those with busy schedules who don't have time to reschedule multiple times before getting the care that they need. Your family dentist may also offer other amenities to help make your experience more convenient and enjoyable, such as a play area for children.

When you choose a family dentist, you can rest assured that you'll be treated like part of the family. This means you can expect friendly and nonjudgmental care no matter your age or the reason you are visiting the dentist.

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