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Millions of teeth get treated and saved with root canals every year. Root canals help relieve pain and make your teeth healthy again. To get help with inflammation or infection in the roots of your teeth, call or make an appointment online today for a root canal at University Oaks Dental in Houston, Texas.

Root Canals Q & A

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What is a Root Canal?

Deep inside your tooth, beneath the enamel, is a hard layer called dentin. Under the dentin is soft tissue called pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves and helps the root of your tooth grow. Once your tooth is fully developed, it can survive without the pulp because your tooth gets nourished by the surrounding tissues.

The dentists at University Oaks Dental recommend root canals when you suffer from an infection deep within your tooth in the pulp. Bacteria contaminates your roots as a result of an injury or due to a severe, untreated cavity.  

What Happens During a Root Canal?

A root canal performed at University Oaks Dental takes two visits. At the first visit, X-rays help the dentist get a clear view of your tooth and the surrounding bone. The area is then numbed with local anesthesia and then a dental dam, a small sheet of rubber designed to keep the tooth clean and dry during the procedure, gets placed in your mouth.

Through an opening in the top of your tooth, the nerve from inside your tooth gets removed and the area known as the root canal gets cleaned and treated with germ-killing medicine. The root canal then gets filled and sealed with a rubber-like material to ward off future infection.

The dental professionals at University Oaks Dental then place a temporary filling on your tooth to protect it until a permanent filling or crown can get installed.

When it is time to remove the temporary filling, a regular filling or a crown gets used to protect your tooth from further damage. Additionally, a metal or plastic post helps the filling stay in place and supports any needed crowns.

Why Have a Root Canal?

If you don’t have a root canal performed, the infection can become more severe and your tooth may need removal. Saving your teeth through the use of a root canal allows you to keep your other teeth not affected by excessive wear or strain and maintain:

  • Effective chewing
  • Regular biting force and sensation
  • Natural appearance 

If you need a root canal, call or make an appointment online today at University Oaks Dental in Houston, Texas.