Dental Fillings and Tooth Bonding in Houston, TX

Dental Fillings and Tooth Bonding in Houston, TX

Tooth decay is a health concern that can affect your smile appearance. If you do not avail of timely treatments, the effects can be pretty devastating. Dental fillings and tooth bondings can eliminate tooth decay and make your smile vibrant and healthy.

At University Oaks Dental in Houston, Texas, we offer tooth-colored dental fillings and bondings to address cavities and renovate your enamel structure.

What are Dental Fillings and Tooth Bondings?

Dental fillings are restorative treatments that can fix teeth' appearance, feel, and functionality that has incurred damage due to cavities and decay. They are also used to fill a root canal-treated tooth and are planned to last a lifetime. Dental fillings are created from composite resin materials that are tooth-colored and blend in seamlessly with the existing natural teeth.

Bondings can restore teeth that have been chipped, stained, or suffered a minor injury. A tooth-colored resin is used to return the declined structure of the affected tooth. Bondings and fillings can serve both cosmetic and functional purposes. The procedures are quick but deliver enduring results for your smile.

Benefits of Dental Fillings & Bondings

  • They are quick and effective treatments
  • Most reasonable dental procedures available
  • It can be shaped and polished to resemble the rest of your teeth
  • Fix cracks or gaps, hide stains, discoloration, 
  • Fill teeth after a cavity has been treated
  • No recovery period involved

What is the Procedure for Dental Fillings and Bondings?

Before starting the procedure, we numb the area around the affected teeth to ensure the patient's maximum comfort. We use local anesthesia for this purpose, and most patients report feeling nothing more than minor sensations during the procedure.

The primary step to repair the tooth is to remove the diseased portion. Once this has been done, we will prepare the tooth's surface by roughening it with an etching solution. The material will adhere to the tooth structure after the roughening process.

We will make sure to match your restorations with the color of your existing natural teeth. For dental fillings, medical-grade composite material is placed directly into the affected area. As for bondings, the material is applied in layers and shaped to reinforce the tooth structure.

After the composite is placed, a special light is used to harden the material for lasting results. The final step is to polish the material to give you a brilliant and natural-looking smile.

To learn more about dental fillings and tooth bonding, visit our office, University Oaks Dental, at 6363 San Felipe St #200b, Houston, TX 77057. You can also reach us at (713) 461 8012.


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